For the festival to be perfect, it has be made accessible to all!

In 2019, the festival Musilac wants to carry out a dynamic policy of welcoming persons with disabilities in order to facilitate the access of the festival.

This improvement involves a complete overhaul of the ticket office dedicated to the access of the platform for persons with disabilities.  These tickets will now be available only online in order to control the capacity of the platform and to avoid overcrowding at certain times.

Reduced ticket

The festival has decided to create a reduced ticket for all persons with disabilities. The rate is 40€ instead of 54€*.

*for holders of a disability card.

Personal carer

All personal carer (PA) must be holder of a reduced ticket bought online or an invitation in case the need of a PA is stipulated on the disability card (see below).

The holders of a disability card with the mention “in need of a personal carer” or “in need of a personal carer – blindness” are asked to buy only one ticket online. Then, on the day of the festival, at the Disabled Access they will be given an invitation for their PA upon presentation of their disability card.

Practical information

At the Disabled Access, accessible from the Route du Bouchet, holders of a reduced ticket for disabled person will be given a bracelet that allows:

– to move freely on the designated and stable paths.
– to access the viewing platform on site.
This bracelet is to be withdrawn at the Disabled Access of the festival and is reserved for disability card holders.
Blue badge holders will be able to park at Route du Bouchet and then access the festival from a specific entrance.
In order to stand by our commitments, we receive the support of Mutuelles Malakoff Mederic who helps us to improve the site of the festival.

Further information

•    People with temporary impairments (such as broken bones, healing wounds, sprain…) have access to the viewing platform upon presentation of a medical certificate.
•    Pregnant women have access to the viewing platform within the limit of the number of places available.
•    Chairs are provided for those who have difficulty standing.

Another possibility:
Persons with disabilities who don’t want to access the viewing platform can park at the parking on Route du Bouchet. They don’t need a special pass only a blue badge. Their PA can drop them off near the entrance if they have a blue badge in the car.