MoneyCham is the virtual payment system at the festival. Your “cashless” bracelet, enables you to pay for all services (bars, restaurants etc.) at the festival. Neither cash nor credit card payments will be accepted within the festival.

Why ?

  • It’s quick and convenient.
  • It’s much safer !

All payments are secure, you don’t need your purse or wallet and there is no risk of losing your bracelet as it is sealed on your wrist.

How does it work ?

Your money is credited to your bracelet which you present for payment. When you make purchases at stands, restaurants and bars, your bracelet is scanned by the payment terminals and the transaction takes just a few seconds. Bracelet and terminal communicate thans to NFC technology.

You can purchase your MoneyCham bracelet via the website or mobile app before or during the festival and it will be credited immediately. You may also reaccredit your MoneyCham account at the festival banks.

Of course, the balance left on your bracelet will be reimbursed at the end of the festival.

Please note that the refund are now closed.