On the spot

Festival Location

Le Bois du Bouchet – Route du Bouchet – 74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc
The festival will take place outside with an amazing view on the Mont Blanc mountain range!

Stands on site

The village Musilac Mont-Blanc will host about 10 stands including restaurants (bagels, tex-mex food, pancakes, burgers, fish’n chips…), bars, sweets stands (candy, ice creams, pastries…) and… shops for the fashionistas!

Children and Pregnant women

Access to the festival is authorized for children with no age restriction. However, we discourage parents to bring children under 5 to the festival. The festival site does not have facilities for young children (playgrounds, kindergarden). There are no special rates for children.


The volunteers will distribute free earplugs on site. Don’t hesitate to ask for several pairs!

As a precautionary measure, our security agents have the right to ask parents who are accompanied by children not wearing sound protections (headphones or earplugs) to vacate zones where the sound is at its highest (front rows, near stage …)

Pregnant women can access the reduced mobility area providing there are vacant places. Accompanying persons may also access this area, subject to space, but priority will be given to persons with reduced mobility.

Objects :

Permitted on site :

  • plastic bottles with lid (no alcoholic drink)
  • camelbacks
  • solar cream
  • water bottles
  • mobile phones
  • compact cameras
  • umbrellas
  • folding strollers…

Not permitted on site :

  • Any object forbidden in public areas (any type of weapon, any narcotic substance, drugs…) will not be stored at the deposit at the entrance of the festival. The police force will be alerted if any of these objects are to be find.
  • Glass containers, metallic cans, alcohol
  • Any object that could be used as an improvised weapon and which is not justified by a medical condition (cane, crutches…)
  • Laser pointer, tear gas, flammable or volatile substance and any pyrotechnical article (aerosol, perfume, smoke bomb…)
  • Anything with sharp or pointy edges, pocket knife, knife (tools, corkscrews, knitting needles, scissors…)
  • Ski googles, helmets or hoods covering more than a third of the face or hiding the eyes.
  • Ski or mountain gear: sticks, ski boots, skis, snowboards, helmets, crampons, ice axes, karabiners, etc.
  • Rollerblades, roller skates, skateboards, kick scooters or any equivalent article, stilts…
  • Any object that could be used as a projectile (cans, diabolo, juggle balls…)
  • Non-sealed containers (thermos, flask…)
  • Foghorns, musical instruments, megaphones…
  • Any stool or folding chair as well as parasol.
  • Professional audio-visual material (camera, recording device…)
  • Gopros or equivalent
  • Motorcycle helmet or motorcycle gloves
  • Any object that could be used for deterioration (paint spray, marker pen…)
  • Any distinctive mark or flag relative to any political, ideological, religious group.
  • Leaflets, flyers, handouts or advertising posters…