04.26 MMB 22:40

The group Editors will set the stage of Musilac Mont Blanc on fire with the captivating voice of the lead singer Tom Smith, their edgy rock genre and their mysterious melodies.  The members of this Indie Rock group from Birmingham met in college and released their first single The Black Room in 2005. Since then, they released 5 albums with hits such as An End Has a Start or In This Light and on This Evening which topped the UK charts. Their epic music is often compared to the music of the 80’s such as Joy Division or Echo and Bunnymen. They created an identity for themselves by surfing on the “new new wave”. The new new wave was initiated at first by American groups such as Interpol. Editors is easily recognizable by the freezing atmosphere, their sepulchral record cover in the style of Peter Saville, the hollow voice of Tom Smith, the incisive guitar, the syncopated drums, the powerful and oppressive bass line, the haunting and martial melodies and the aesthetics of the emergency.