Gaëtan Roussel

04.28 MMB 17:40

Gaetan Roussel is back at Musilac (Musilac Mont Blanc this time) with his new album HOPE!

It’s when mixing that the best things happen. Gaetan Roussel’s songs remind us of how important open-mindedness, travels, conversations and sharing are. Between Paris and LA, the artist who is the lead singer and guitarist of Louise Attaque, changed the way he normally has things done.

On the other side the Atlantic, he met his alter egos who were authors, composers or producers. He created with them the songs of his opus HOPE. Together, they built a new sound, a music born from this new French American alloy that the artist desperately attempted to create combining his words to theirs, his sensitivity to the characteristic groove of his Anglo-Saxons colleagues.
New compositions that we look forward to discover at the foot Mont-Blanc!